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Live Life Embracing the Resurrection

I Corinthians 15 - June 23, 2013.

The Greek city of Corinth apparently did not believe in the resurrection of the dead. Most Greek philosophers considered the human body a prison, and they welcomed death as a deliverance from bondage. This skeptical attitude crept into the church, so Paul answered four basic questions that could not be ignored. How can you prove the dead are raised? When are the dead raised? Why are the dead raised? And how are the dead raised? After all, a dead savior can’t save anyone!

First, the resurrection is motivation for evangelism, but if there is no resurrection, then why lead others to Christ? If the Christian life is a dead end street, then get off of it. Some rejected and rationalized away the resurrection to justify their sin. For if there is no after life, there is no consequences how I live in this life. The believer who is compromising with sin has no witness to the lost around him. What a shameful thing to be selfishly living in sin while multitudes die without Christ! In the resurrected body Jesus was able to move quickly from place to place, walk through (matter) locked doors (matter), yet able to eat solid food (matter), and be touched by His disciples. We are made in the image of God as far as soul and spirit, but in the image of Adam as far as the body is concerned. One day we shall bear the image of the Savior when we share in His glory. The first birth gives us that which is natural, but the second birth gives that which is supernatural. God rejects the first birth, the natural, and says, “You must be born again!” He rejected Cain and chose Able. He rejected Abraham’s first born, Ishmael, and chose Isaac, the second-born. He rejected Esau and chose Jacob. If we depend upon our first birth, we shall be condemned forever; but if we experience the new birth, we shall be blessed forever. Finally, the lost will be given bodies suited to their new environment in hell for those who partake in the “resurrection of the condemned.” They will suffer forever in darkness and pain. Please, let this provoke us who are saved to seek to rescue them from the final judgment that is coming!

For further study, please listen to Sermon 4601-16, I Corinthians 15, "Live Life Embracing the Resurrection."

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