Service and Worship Times

  • - Sunday Worship Service - 10:30 AM
    *2nd & 4th Sun. of Each Month


Sundays at 10:30 AM
Wellbrooke of Westfield
Inside of Grand Park
2nd and 4th of Each Month
937 E. 186th Street
Westfield, Indiana 46074

Weekly Devotion

Each week our pastor writes a devotion before each sermon that is posted on our website. If you would like to have these weekly devotions sent to you the day he writes, then contact him at to have them delivered directly into your inbox.

Example of a weekly devotion:

Are you listening? Can you hear it? Jesus says those who have ears, let them hear! Do you hear it yet? In chapter three and four of Mark we see this word “hear” as the main repetition and it means “to understand & obey it.” Can you hear it yet? See everyone may hear the words of Scripture and they may even say they understand it, but in daily life they don’t obey it so they really never even heard it. Jesus wants us to not only understand truth but to obey and walk in truth. Those who hear it and obey it are not always understood or respected by the multitudes, family, or even other leaders so be prepared when you are not heard. See, there were leaders of that day who couldn't hear the truth Jesus was proclaiming of His Father’s Kingdom so they accused him of being demon possessed. Jesus exposes their bad theology and faulty logic with another parable that they still couldn't hear. The fact that Jesus cast out the demon showed he was stronger than the strong man (devil) who was guarding the house (person). So the devil lost territory that day proving He couldn't be demon possessed because even Satan’s kingdom has unity, order and submission. The sincere listener, with a desire to know truth, would meditate on the parable, confess ignorance, submit to teaching and grow in understanding through obedience. If you say you understand scripture and don’t obey, you truly don’t understand! Your obedience to scripture validates your understanding of Scripture. The Scribes and Pharisees could not hear that day because they did not obey! (From Sermon #4101-03 – Mark 3:13-4:34 "Live Life Able to Hear & Obey Truth")

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