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Pre-Marital Counseling
And The Two Shall Become One Flesh!

Do you know what the Bible says about marriage? Are you prepared to become a Christian husband or a Christian wife according to God's principles?

We offer pre-marital counseling for prospective couples considering marriage. Together, you will discover what God's word teaches regarding marriage and the family, and you will be better equipped to begin life together.

Pre-marital counseling is about six weeks long with weekly reading and written assignments as homework each week. The only cost to pre-marital counseling is the cost of materials.

Our Pastor Rich Day is licensed and ordain with the state of Indiana to officiate wedding ceremonies and legalize state marriage licences. There is no charge for him to perform wedding ceremonies.

SESSION 1 – “Get to Know”

SESSION 2 – “A Basic Understanding of Christian Marriage”

SESSION 3 – “Unity in Communication”

SESSION 4 – “Unity in Finances”

SESSION 5 – “Unity in Sexual Intimacy”

SESSION 6 – “Unity in Raising Children”

SESSION 7 – “Review Wedding Ceremony Plans”

To schedule your pre-marital counseling call Rich.

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