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Westfield Horizon Christian Fellowship /  /  Life Life with an Open Heart – Part 1
Life Life with an Open Heart – Part 1
II Corinthians 6 & 7:1 - 8/18/13. II Corinthians, chapters six and seven bring to conclusion Paul’s explanation of his ministry. He has told his readers that in spite of trials, his ministry was a triumphant ministry, a glorious ministry, and that he could not ever think of quitting. His enemies had accused him of using the ministry for personal gain, but he had proved his ministry to be sincere and based on faith in God. All that remained now was to challenge the Corinthians to live life with an open heart and assure them of his love. This he did by presenting them with three appeals, of appreciation, of separation, and of reconciliation. What a price Paul paid to be faithful in his ministry over the years! And yet how little the Corinthians appreciated all he did for them. They brought sorrow to his heart, yet he was always rejoicing in Jesus. He became poor that they might become rich. Paul had spoken honestly and loving to them; now he asked them to open their hearts to him and let him in. He was like a father whose children were robbing him of the love that he deserved. Why were they withholding this love? Because they had divided hearts. The false teachers and their affections of this world had stolen their hearts and now they were cold and closed towards Paul, so he was asking them to separate themselves to God. It is the nature of the believer that determines who we associate with. Just as animals associate with animals, humans associate with humans, and the divine nature associates with the holy. To see where our relationship with Christ is, look at the things and the people that hold our affections. From Sermon 4701-05 - 8/18/13. II Corinthians 6-7:1 "Life Life with an Open Heart"
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