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Live Life Courageous in Conflict

II Corinthians 4 - 8/4/13. Paul speaks of his many sufferings that began immediately after his conversion and continued consistently for over thirty years. He must have had amazing endurance, for he sang as he suffered and encouraged others in theirs. We often respond to sufferings with complaining and losing heart because of focusing on what we don’t have, rather than rejoicing and being courageous with what we do have. When we lose heart during sufferings, our ministry literally becomes heartless, rude, irritable, lacks compassion for people, and we simply see them as our means to our own goals and desires. When we remain courageous in conflict, we can keep the focus that God has given Christians, the ministry of reconciliation, the ministry of comfort, and the ministry of persuading sinners to be reconciled to God. The message of Christ has greater hope than the message of self or what another man can do for you. The Judaizers preached themselves and gloried in their own achievements. The message of Christ brings humility; a message about us brings pride and arrogance with lording over people. The Judaizers were not servants who served people; but they were exploiters of people using them for their own advantage. Paul compares conversion with creation. The sinner is void and empty, but when one trusts in Christ they becomes a new creation, like the earth did. A message of self-help glorifies man and man is getting the glory in our ministry. Maybe we have the wrong message. Maybe we need to change the focus of our message so we have the right message, if that is the case. The test of true ministry is not stars but scars. Suffering reveals not only the weakness of man but also the glory of God. Though we are suffering, faith keeps us from being blinded by our trials and gives us vision to see the good work that God is doing in us and through us. Though our future looks bleak and dismal at times, Christ gives us hope for our eternal future in heaven with a new body. What we don't have in Christ is far more than what we have in the world and ministry that costs nothing accomplishes nothing.

(From Sermon #4701-03 – 8/4/13: II Corinthians 4 “Live Life Courageous in Conflict”)
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