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Live Life with the Right Motives in Ministry

II Corinthians 5 - 8/11/13. What is ministry for the Christian? What should their motives be? Well, God has given Christians the ministry of reconciliation, the ministry of comfort, and the ministry of persuading sinners to be reconciled to God. But now in II Corinthians, chapter five, Paul gives three motives for success in ministry, the fear of the Lord, the love of Christ, and the commission of Christ, all of which purifies our motives, so our ministry will be an authentic work of the Holy Spirit. Money, fame, position, reward, or recognition are not our motives for ministry, but simply pleasing Him is. We must take care not to depend on the praise of men. If we live for their praise, we will not receive the praise of God at the Judgment Seat of Christ. If God will judge and hold His own people accountable, imagine what will happen to the lost. Scripture reveals that Hell is a place of abomination, wickedness, burning, and cruelty. It is a place of living death. The reason Hell is such a terrible place is that God is not there. It is His absence that makes Hell to be Hell, just as it is the presence of God that makes Heaven to be Heaven. There is no grace in Hell, no atonement in Hell, no Gospel in Hell. Hell is the place of endless torment where God banishes those who have decided to have nothing to do with Him! So having and maintaining pure motives is essential for ministry. The Corinthians should have commended Paul. Instead they were “promoting” the Judaizers who gloried in appearance and position, but were unspiritual in heart. The love of Christ renews the way we now look at and treat people. We used to look at and know them and Christ according to the flesh; but now that we are renewed in the Spirit of our minds we now see and know people according to the newness of the Spirit through the eyes of faith. Satan is seeking to tear everything apart in this world, but Christ and His church are involved in the ministry of reconciliation, bringing things back to God. God has sent us, His ambassadors into the world to declare peace with God, not war.

(From Sermon #4701-04 – 8/11/13: II Corinthians 5 “Live Life with the Right Motives in Ministry”)
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