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Live Life from Glory to Glory
II Corinthians 3 - July 21, 2013. Where ever you find the genuine, you will find somebody promoting the counterfeit. No sooner did the Gospel spread among the Gentiles that a counterfeit Gospel appeared, a mixture of law and grace. It was carried by a zealous group of people called the Judaizers. Their main emphasis was that salvation was by faith in Christ plus the keeping of the Law of Moses. Paul looked upon these men as “Peddlers” of the Word of God who preyed upon ignorant people. He proved this by showing the superiority of the New Covenant that produces life with the ministry of the Old Covenant that brought death. The Judaizers carried with them letters of recommendations from the important people in Jerusalem, pointing out that Paul had no such credentials. They were measuring their worth and authority by what men said about them, not what God said about them. Paul points out that his life and ministry are the only recommendations that he needed. The law is external, trying to conform us from the outside in, but the Gospel of grace happens inside our hearts, transforming us from the inside out, solving the root of our problem. The true test of ministry is changed lives, not a press release of statistics. When you minister through the Spirit and the letter of God is written on your heart, you can leave results and numbers with the Lord. Paul is not denying the glory of the Old Covenant law, but affirming that the glory of the New Testament covenant in grace is far more superior. Today the nation of Israel has no temple or priesthood and its glory has faded. The Law of Moses has a most glorious past with the glory of the New Testament church increasing in glory day by day. While we read of the glory that was on Moses’ face, we have that ever radiant glory shinning from our faces today that will not fade! The temporary glow of glory on Moses’ face represents the temporary place the Law had in the road to true salvation that would bring consistent radiation of joy on the ones saved by the ministry of grace! Under the Old Testament only Moses ascended the mountain and had fellowship with God; but under the New Covenant, all believers have the privilege of communion with Him. Through Jesus Christ, we may enter into the very holy of holies and we don’t even have to climb a mountain to behold it. Jesus climbed Calvary for us! When your life and ministry involves the glory of God’s Son, you cannot fail! (From Sermon #4701-02 – 7/21/13: II Corinthians 3 “Live Life from Glory to Glory”)
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