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Live Life Grace Giving

II Corinthians 8 - 9/8/13. Paul wanted to teach the Corinthians that giving is an act of grace. He used nine different words to refer to the offering he wanted to collect for the poor Jews in Jerusalem, but the one used the most was grace. It is a wonderful thing when Christians enter into the grace of giving, when they really believe that giving is more blessed than receiving. How can we tell when we are practicing grace giving? Paul indicated that there were a number of evidences that appear when our giving is motivated by grace. The Macedonian churches were in deep poverty, which means rock bottom destitution, which may have been caused in part by their Christian faith and refusal to worship idols. But their circumstances did not hinder them from giving or giving with joy. Grace giving means we give in spite of circumstances. The grace of God will open our hearts and our hands to help meet the needs of others. Our giving is not based on cold calculation, but warmhearted jubilation! If we give ourselves to God, we will have little problem giving our possessions to others. They were giving like Christ gave Himself for lost sinners, motivated by love. Like the Corinthians did, we must never argue that our service in church with our spiritual gifts is a substitution for generous giving. “I teach Sunday school class, so I don’t have to give!” is not an explanation why one doesn’t give, but it’s an excuse. Paul then gives gave an Old Testament manna illustration: gather what you need, share what you can, and don’t try to hoard God’s blessings. God will see to it that you will not be in need, if you trust Him and obey His word. Paul never laid down a mathematical formula or total, because grace giving is not limited by a tithe (10%). Grace giving is systematic, but it is not legalistic. It is not satisfied with only the minimum, whatever that minimum might be in the believer’s conscience. When you have truly experienced the grace of God in your life, you will no longer use difficult circumstances as an excuse for not giving. From sermon #4701-07 – 9/8/13: II Corinthians 8 “Live Life Grace Giving”

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