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2nd and 4th of Each Month
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Live Life in the Promised Land
Numbers 30-36 - 12/04/13. The emphasis of these final chapters is on Israel entering the land and claiming the promised inheritance. The Lord wanted the people to be assured that the 38-year delay didn’t alter His plans or cancel His promises. Israel was to drive out and uproot the inhabitants, destroy the pagan altars, profane images, and abominable temples, and then divide the cleansed land among the tribes. Why the extermination of these nations? This was God’s judgment because of their wickedness. God had been long-suffering with them for centuries, showing Himself through His invisible attributes, but now it was time for judgment to come. The Promised Land was also to be the stage on which God would display His power, pour out His blessings, send His truth, and one day send His Son to die for the sins of the world. The Lord gave His people a large land and a good land, but they didn’t defeat all their enemies and claim it entirely. Moses’ prediction came true: the Canaanites became barbs in their eyes and thorns in their sides and led some of the Jews into sin. What about us today? Have we claimed by faith all that we have in Christ? Are there still pockets of resistance in our lives that draw us away from the Lord? When you walk with holy words, have holy victory, are holy towards one another and wholly live life submitted to the sovereign will of God, you have already inherited the Promised Land of the life of the Holy Spirit and are just reaping the rewards of your gracious salvation in Christ Jesus. We can wander in the wilderness of unbelief, selfishness, and disobedience or enter into the Promised Land with its battles and trials, trusting God to give us the victory. Sermon #0401-10 on 12/04/13: Numbers 30-36 “Live Life in the Promised Land”
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