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Live Life Prepared for Your New Season
Numbers 26-29 - 11/13/13. At Kadesh-Barnea and at Baal Peor, Israel sinned greatly and God chastened them, but in His grace He forgave their disobedience and gave them a new start. As Israel lingered in the plains of Moab, Moses fulfilled four important responsibilities to prepare Israel for their new future season. It was time to take a census of the new generation and start looking toward their new season that lay ahead. So including women and children under 20, there was somewhere around 2 million Jews anticipating entering Canaan, conquering the inhabitants, and joyfully claiming their promised land. We must remember that joy always follows cleansing and that the Day of Atonement came before the Feast of Tabernacle that was a joyous celebration of God’s forgiveness. People who want happiness without holiness are destined to be disappointed. During this week of celebration the priests followed an elaborate schedule of sacrifices and finally by day eight, they had offered over 200 animals. This definitely is a reminder that there can be no blessing apart from the grace of God and the sacrifice of His Son for us on the cross. For Israel, the best new season is yet to come in their future! The scattered Jews will be gathered; the sinful people will be cleansed; and the sorrowing people will rejoice. For the Christian believers, the best new season is also still yet to come; for we shall be together with the Lord and His people, every stain washed away, rejoicing in His presence. How thankful we should be that the entire ancient Hebrew sacrificial system has been fulfilled in Jesus Christ, and that we have the privilege of coming into the presence of God at any time through the new and living way! Sermon #0401-09 on 11/13/13: Numbers 26-29 “Live Life Prepared for Your New Season”
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