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Live Life Resisting the Way of Balaam

Numbers 22-25 - 11/6/13. Then the LORD opened the mouth of the donkey, and she said to Balaam, "What have I done to you, that you have struck me these three times?" Numbers 22:28

We see a mysterious soothsayer named Balaam, a Gentile who lived at a place called Pethor near the Euphrates River. He was reputable for success in divination (receiving hidden knowledge, especially about the future) and incantation (the use of occult power to grant blessing or cursing), and he was willing to sell his services to all who could afford to pay his fee. Moab and Midian needed the help of the devil, and Balaam was not only in touch with the devil but had a wide reputation as a successful practitioner of occult arts, so he was the right man sought after for the job. On the way to meet up with Balak, Balaam was angry with his donkey for resisting his will, just as God was angry at Balaam for resisting His will. Balaam allowed the love of money to control him, rather than the love of God to lead him. We must not think that because God does not always restrain men from sin and madness that he approves of it or that He is cruel for not doing so. Why wasn’t Balaam shocked when his donkey spoke to him with a “man’s voice”? Well, consider the conversation Eve had with an animal that not only talked, but appears to have outwitted her quite easily. It is possible that in the past Satan’s demons had spoken to Balaam through his animals in his divination and incantation rituals as he was a professional soothsayer. When confronted by God, Balaam’s words, “I have sinned” were not evidence of sincere repentance because he went right on sinning and seeking after his wages of unrighteousness. What good is it to say pious words, if the heart goes right on sinning? Balaam is a forever example of an unchanged man after an encounter with God. Sermon #0401-08 on 11/6/13: Numbers 22-25 “Live Life Resisting the Way of Balaam” Part 2.

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