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Live Life Triumphant in Christ

II Corinthians 1-2 - July 14, 2013.

Paul was in Macedonia on the way to Corinth while writing 2 Corinthians. Titus returned to Paul with the updated news that much good came out of his first letter, but there were still some leaders who were not accepting Paul’s authority in his correction. A person in the church publicly put Paul’s apostolic authority up for question, causing him a great deal of pain. Like Paul, in Christian ministry it is those we serve who bring us the greatest joy, and who can also create the greatest sorrow. Though they were offended and struggled with Paul’s correction, he could have exercised his apostolic authority and commanded them to respect and obey him, but he preferred to do ministry with patience and love. Love always considers the feelings of others.

Discipline is an evidence of love and growth. Church discipline is not a popular subject or widely practiced. Too many churches sweep such things under the rug instead of obeying the Scriptures and boldly confronting the situation by speaking the truth in love. There cannot be true peace and unity in the body without true purity first. Through all of this Paul remained steady with a compassionate and patient heart of love.

God works out His purposes in the trials of life, if we yield to Him, trust Him, and obey Him in what He tells us, then difficulties can really increase our faith and strengthen our walk. There is companionship to suffering; it can draw us closer to Christ and to his people. But if we start to wallow in self-pity, suffering will create isolation instead of involvement, building walls rather than building bridges and victimization rather than victory. Christ has brought us from victim to victory! We no longer fight for victory, we fight from victory. We are no longer daily being rescued, but rescuing victims daily. Rather than wounding in a fight; we are mending the wounded that fight. To God, Christians are the very fragrance of Jesus Christ. To other believers we are the fragrance of life, but to unbelievers we are the fragrance of death. So we need to realize our life and ministry are matters of life and death. When you find yourself discouraged and ready to quit, remember you are triumphant in Christ!

For further study, listen to Sermon #4701-01, II Corinthians 1-2, “Live Life Triumphant in Christ.”
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