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Westfield Horizon Christian Fellowship /  /  Live Life with an Open Heart – Part 2
Live Life with an Open Heart – Part 2

II Corinthians 7:2-16 - 8/25/13. Last week in chapter six, Paul had appealed for appreciation and separation. Here in chapter seven he gives one final appeal in his attempt to regain the love and devotion of the believers in Corinth. Why were they withholding this love? Because they had divided hearts. The false teachers and affections of this world had stolen their hearts and now they were cold towards Paul, so he was asking them to reconcile with himself and God. Paul had written them a stern letter and regretted making them sorrowful, but it did achieve its purpose and the Corinthians repented of their sin thus producing joy in them all. Being sorry should produce repentance and forgiveness. To repent simply means “to change one’s mind.” Disobedient Christians need to repent of their sins, not in order to be saved, but in order to restore their human relationships and their fellowship with God. Peter had godly sorrow that produced repentance of his failures, but Judas’ sorrow lead to suicide and no doubt it was regretted. Paul assured the Corinthians that the purpose of his letter was not only to rebuke the offender and help the offended, but to prove his love for the church. Paul had suffered a great deal because of this situation, but his suffering was worth it all now that the problem was solved. There are many shattered relationships today in homes, churches, and countries and they can be repaired and strengthened only when people face problems honestly, deal with them biblically and lovingly, and seek to get right with God. We must determine to be a part of the answer and not a part of the problem with relationships in our lives. From sermon #4701-06 – 8/25/13: II Corinthians 7:2-16 “Live Life with an Open Heart” Pt. 2

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